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Makeup Faux pas to avoid!

 1. Foundation– Never buy a foundation 2-3 shades different from your skin tone. Test it on the jawline and select ones with yellow undertones instead of pink. Match the concealer with your skin tone and opt for a foundation that’s a shade lighter. Blend it starting from the forehead using circular motions.

2. Eyebrow error– You will never get makeup right with droopy, horizontal, extra dense or thread- thin eyebrows. Ask for them to be shaped in a arch so that there’s enough space for eyeshadow and highlighter.

3. Blunder blush– Don’t go overboard with blush.  Use a light hand on the apple of your cheeks, tip of the nose and forehead.

4. Eyeshadow overdo– Wearing a rainbow of shades won’t make you look cool. Use a maximum of three shades, creating a gradation starting with the lighter shade on the inner lid sweeping to dark and darker tones as you proceed outwards. Highlight brow bones with a luminous shade.

5. Crooked lines– Uneven eyeliner makes eyes look small. Stick as close to the lash line as possible. Use creamy eyeliner pencils for a smooth finish.

6. Gunky lashes– Clumpy mascara is simply unattractive. Two coats should do it and if you are certain you can’t apply it right, go for false lashes.

7. Bare with caution– Nude lipsticks don’t flatter dark lips. When choosing a nude lipstick or gloss, try a shade that’s closest to your natural lip colour to  avoid a washed out look.

8. Lip line lapse– Drawing a line beyond your natural lip line makes it look fake. use lip plumping lipsticks and glosses to achieve that sensuous pout. Also, never apply lip liner three or four shades darker than the lip.

9. Twin trouble– Play up either eyes or lips at a time. Tone down eye makeup with dramatic lips or go for light lips with heavy eye makeup.

10. Compatibility issues–  Avoid powder foundations for dry skin and creams based makeup for oily skin.

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