Our Team

Our Team


Nancy is an Image consultant, Storyteller and Soft Skills Advocate. She brings the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to make your colleagues look the part through the words they speak, the clothes they wear, body language and etiquette.

Nancy strongly believes that in today’s fast paced world of instant communications, it is important that people are aware of the image and the message they sent – whether at home, attending a parent teacher meeting, wedding function or communicating at work.

Nancy is the Founder, CEO and the Lead Image Consultant at The Perfect YOU.

We all play different roles and it is important to put the best foot forward at all times. Allow Nancy to be the perfect guide to facilitate what works best for you to act and present yourselves the perfect way.

Nancy is an avid traveler and has a strong exposure to the cultural varsities in India. She loves reading and writing.




Pranay Dugar is a Post Graduate specialized in Marketing and Finance. He has been associated with several Investment banks in varied profiles.

Pranay also holds a Certification in Soft Skills Training from Image Consulting Business Institute, India.

 Along with his current Banking role , he currently manages his blog ” Thinking Hatz” and page ” Heart speaks” which offers readers creative and fresh content on Self Motivation and Personality Development.
Quality Content writing, Blogging, Soft skills training and Networking are his key Strengths and that’s what Interest’s him.
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