Wardrobe Management

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Do you often buy clothes and never wear most of them?

Don’t worry help is on its way in the form of Wardrobe analysis. We help you to understand and organize your closet in an effective manner.

Wardrobe analysis session includes:

    1. Client need analysis
    2. Life style analysis
    3. Body type analysis
    4. Skin tone color analysis
    5. What colors to wear to look your authentic best
    6. Review of your wardrobe
    7. Creating new outfits from your current wardrobe
    8. The art of effective mix and match
    9. How to utilize accessories
    10. How to coordinate shoes with your outfit
    11. Style tips
    12. Recommendations for future shopping

We also discuss your relevant requirements and accordingly customize the program for you .

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